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Once the Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine fails, it affects not only the production of the equipment itself, but also the entire production system, especially if the production equipment on the automated production line fails, it often causes the entire production line to be paralyzed, which brings huge damage. Economic loss. Therefore, it is required that once the hydraulic pipe bender fails, it should be diagnosed quickly and accurately with as little disassembly as possible, and quickly and easily eliminated. Hydraulic faults involve complex factors, hidden fault points, and the causal relationship of fault generation and development has characteristics such as time-varying, random, staggered and overlapping, so it is difficult to diagnose and eliminate hydraulic system faults on-site.


Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine

In order to save the time of troubleshooting, reduce the workload of assembly and disassembly and avoid the adverse effects caused by assembly and disassembly, we must not think about it, disassemble and inspect the hydraulic components and components one by one, regardless of the front and back. Check the internal condition of the hydraulic equipment in order. Based on the surface observation of the symptoms of hydraulic faults, the fault diagnosis staff needs to infer the possibility of various fault causes according to relevant criteria, and then make a more in-depth and detailed analysis of the hydraulic devices in accordance with the specific conditions of the site. And judgment. Therefore, the rationality of fault collection and troubleshooting routes cannot be ignored.

Quick diagnosis is performed under the premise of correct diagnosis. In the hydraulic fault diagnosis, due to the influence of the wrong method and other factors, misdiagnosis or inconclusive diagnosis often occurs. Improving the diagnosis rate has always been the direction and pursuit of the field staff. On the other hand, fast is only a relative concept, which means that scientific and reasonable diagnostic methods can be used to diagnose and eliminate hydraulic faults at a faster speed.

To diagnose the failure of a hydraulic device, first select appropriate parameters as soon as possible in order to determine the boundary between the normal state and the fault state of the system by examining these parameters. The second is to obtain relevant information quickly and reasonably through appropriate channels, that is, how to correctly measure relevant parameters. Because, only by quickly and accurately selecting system parameters, determining fault discrimination standards, and collecting information, can the purpose of rapid diagnosis and troubleshooting be achieved.

The hydraulic pipe bender needs to be idle for a period of time before it is officially put into use. This can facilitate the discovery of the machine's operation and pay attention to whether there are abnormal sounds. If it is normal, it can be officially put into use. When using it, it is necessary to arrange appropriate personnel for operating.

The hydraulic pipe bender needs to be supervised by relevant personnel during use, in order to solve the problem in time and reduce the possibility of accidents. The sheet bent by the hydraulic pipe bender during work is compacted and cannot be lifted or loose, which will hurt the operator during work. If there is a problem, the user can only check or adjust the power after disconnecting the power. It is strictly forbidden to stand on the back of the machine during the work of the machine.

The above is the correct way to troubleshoot the hydraulic pipe bender introduced by Hydraulic Press Exporter. Hope to help you.

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